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Do you charge a fee for your services?
No.  Our services are free.

Who else provides similar free services in Delaware?
The Taxpayer Advocate Service also offers services simiilar to those we offer.

Who are your Tax Clinic staff and what do they do?
Rony Peralta is our Clinic Director who triages cases as they come in. He meets with you, gets all your facts together and works with Tax attorney Jim Angus who graciously volunteers as much time as our clinic needs. Your power of attorney is retained by Jim Angus and Rashmi Rangan who communicate with the IRS.

Do you prepare tax returns?
No.  However;

  • If you have not filed taxes in the past, we help prepare your prior year tax returns. 
  • If your tax returns need to be amended, we help with amending your returns. 
  • If you are filing after April 15, and did not request an extension, we may be able to help you with your return. 
  • If you are filing a return so as to obtain an ITIN, we may be able to help you file your return.

Can you help me with a tax levy on my social security disability? 
After you sign a power of attorney that gives DCRAC the authority to represent you before the IRS for designated tax years, we will work directly with the IRS with regard to your tax problem.  This could include negotiating with the IRS on your behalf an installment agreement or an offer in compromise of your debt.  In some cases, if your financial situation warrants, we can request your account be placed in "currently not collectible" by the IRS, deferring collection of any monies until a later date.

What if I am in tax court? 
With a signed power of attorney, DCRAC will represent you in tax court until your case is either settled or goes to trial. 

Before coming to DCRAC, should I try a private tax service that advertises on TV to handle my claims? 
Each individual needs to decide for herself whether to use a fee based service in dealing with the IRS.  If you choose to do so, make sure you understand at the beginning of the process what the total fees involved will be and at what dates you will be required to make payments. 

Does DCRAC have influence with the IRS? 
DCRAC is a low income tax clinic which receives funding from the IRS to provide tax services to you at no cost.  DCRAC works with all segments of the IRS, including collections, examinations, appeals, and general counsel, as well as the Taxpayer Assistance Service.  DCRAC's influence with the IRS is based on our goal to arrive at a fair and just disposition of your tax situation that balances your individual circumstances with the public's interest in the collection of legitimate taxes that are due and owing.

Can you help me with my issues with the Delaware Department of Revenue? 
Yes, DCRAC works with the Delaware Department of Revenue in the same fashion as we work with the IRS.  In doing so, DCRAC requires a signed power of attorney so that we may discuss your taxes with the Department of Revenue.

I have never filed a tax return, but now I have to submit copies of my tax returns to get a mortgage or for my daughter to receive financial aid at her college.  Can DCRAC help me? 
Yes, DCRAC will advise you on how to proceed with getting current with filing your present and prior year tax returns.

I want to pay my fair share of taxes but I don’t have a valid social security number to file my return.  Can DCRAC help me? 
Yes, DCRAC will work with you to fill out a form W-7, which is your application for an "individual taxpayer identification number" (ITIN) that is submitted with your tax return.  Once you receive your ITIN, you will use that number for filing your taxes.

What documents should I bring with me for my first meeting? 
Bring a copy of your latest tax return, any letters you have received from the IRS, and if you are experiencing financial difficulties bring a copy of your lease, your latest utility bills for electric, gas, cable, phone, water, garbage, etc., 3 months of bank statements for all bank accounts, 3 months of credit card statements for all credit cards, your last 3 pay stubs, all medical bills, and any other bills you have that document your indebtedness.


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